A Fine Balance


Oh my goodness. Indo-Canadian author Rohinton Mistry’s book A Fine Balance is one of my favourite books of all time. Some people find it way too heavy and depressing, but I loved getting into this thick novel and following the journeys of the multitude of characters in 1970s India. I once went to a talk that he did and he was asked about his writing process. He replied that he liked to create his characters first and they were the ones who led him into the story and showed him how it would develop.

Yes, Oprah picked this book for her book club at one point too, and I know some people have a thing about reading Oprah Book Club selections (they either hate it or they love it). But, marketing and branding aside, Mistry’s tales revolve around South Asian characters in pretty much all his works. For me, A Fine Balance is at the zenith of his collection. Definitely RAD!

Other notable works by Rohinton Mistry: Family Matters, Such a Long Journey, Tales From Firozsha Baag

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