I’ll Never Write My Memoirs


I wanted to LOVE this autobiography from Grace Jones, but it didn’t completely blow me away. It was interesting to hear about her childhood growing up in Jamaica and the strict rules that were imposed upon her, as a female. What I wanted more of were the stories from Studio 54, the collaborations with Keith Haring where he would paint her naked body, and all the other glamorous and fabulous hi-jinx that she got up to. She mentions these events but doesn’t truly go too deep into the moments; I wanted to feel like I was there, but I didn’t really. I guess it’s harder when you’re looking backwards at a memory that might be starting to fade.

I quite enjoyed when she wrote about her music however. Seeing as I had no real knowledge about her discography, reading about the different styles of music she delved into made me want to go and listen to her entire back catalogue. I had seen her singing a disco version of the song “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, but an entire record of disco show tunes? I’m in! My co-blogger also read this book, I believe, so I’d be interested in hearing her thoughts on it… (or yours! Please feel free to leave comments!)


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