Between The World And Me


My blog-mate was the one who told me to read this book, and so I did. I was hoping she would have blogged about it, but she is busy with work and is wanting to find a book that has black characters without a depressing story line, which is why she hasn’t yet posted any recommendations because apparently that’s something that is hard to find!

But even though I am not of the African-American community, perhaps that’s a good reason for me to blog about this book. Because people of all communities should read it. It’s non-fiction, and told as a long letter from father to son about what it’s like to be Black in America.

The writing is first off, brilliant. It is crystal clear and poignant and intellectual but accessible. The overall feel I got from the book was one of frustration, pain, and a slight glimmer of hope. It’s as though Ta-Nehisi Coates has really hit the nail on the head in regards to race relations in the United States. He touches upon differences in other countries. He discusses having no agency over his own body as an African-American male, which I found horrifying and fascinating and true. He made me think of things I never would have noticed before and what it must be like for my black friends in America. As it says on the cover, to quote Toni Morrison, this really is required reading for all.


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