So I’m in a book club where each month they choose a different genre and we all have to read something of said genre. One month the genre was “space opera” which I had no idea about. I barely ever read science fiction, let alone this seemingly sub-genre of that. From what I gathered, space opera is like a soap opera, but set in space or a sci-fi world.

With that genre in mind, I tried to find one that featured a diverse lead character. Jacqueline Koyanagi’s Ascension has just that! We have a black queer female main character!

I didn’t actually finish the book because I couldn’t quite get into it. I don’t think this genre of fiction is really my thing? I felt like I was thrown headfirst into a world that I did not understand at all and wanted more explanation given to me. Perhaps a lot of sci-fi/space opera works are like this? You tell me. Anyway, if it is your thing, then you might enjoy Ascension! Pick it up and read it and let us know your thoughts! (Please google other reviews for this book, as there are many out there from people who have actually finished reading the book and enjoyed it!)



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