The Illegal


This is the type of book that totally fits in perfectly for our blog. Lawrence Hill’s latest novel, The Illegal, tells the tale of a black refugee trying to make it in a fictional new world called Freedomland. As a marathon runner, he runs races to try and win his earnings in order to survive. Oh but there’s so much more. There’s high drama, politics, crime, even a love story thrown in. There’s even an aspiring journalist who just happens to be black, lesbian, and in a wheelchair! Yet, none of that really comes into play as that’s not what the story is about.

There are villains both black and white, and sometimes mixed. Hill has created a world full of characters of differing races, with more twists and turns than a 10K marathon. Like his previous best-seller, The Book of Negroes, this story is equally as epic, following the journey of one man as he goes from childhood to adulthood relying solely on his wits and talents and the cast of fully fleshed-out characters who surround him.

The Illegal is TOTALLY RAD.


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