Same Difference


Derek Kirk Kim’s graphic novel Same Difference is a nostalgic, well-written, thoughtful story about two Korean-American 20-something’s dealing with growing up, the future, race, and mistakes from their past. It’s kind of an everyday story, except the characters happen to be Asian, and that comes into play during a few points in the story.

Mostly though, it centers around Nancy and Simon who are both navigating adulthood the best way they know how. Nancy stalks out a man whom she has been writing letters to, ever since receiving a love letter sent to her home (but addressed to the previous resident). Meanwhile, Simon visits his childhood home in a Californian suburb only to come across a blind girl he used to go to school with and could have been nicer to.

This book plucks on your heartstrings ever so subtly that you won’t even know you’ve been affected until the moment you finish.

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