Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda

This is a sweet book. It’s about a gay teen named Simon who strikes up an anonymous online relationship with a fellow classmate. One day, he forgets to log out of a library computer and another classmate named Martin sees his emails. Martin then decides to blackmail Simon, threatening to expose the emails that he has taken screenshots of, unless Simon helps him win over the new girl in school, Simon’s friend Abby.

Complicated but easy to follow. And as far as diversity levels, this one’s got the gay factor, obviously, but it also features several African-American characters, including the target of Martin’s affection, Abby.

Reading books like these really makes me wish I had gay teen fiction to keep me company during my high school years. Perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so alone. Perhaps I would have developed more self esteem. I am jealous of today’s gay youth who still probably have it hard, no doubt about it, but at least have these books they can escape into and forget the world around them.

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