A Drop of Chinese Blood


I’m in a book club where each month we have to read a book from a different genre. This book, the chosen genre is “Spy / Espionage.”  I decided to pick up James Church’s A Drop of Chinese Blood because it features mostly Asian characters and is set in Asia. This book is actually the second in Church’s Inspector O series. Church himself is a former Western intelligence officer based out of Asia.

I’m finding the writing in this a bit clunky, but that could be because I don’t normally read spy novels. Also, as this is the second in a series, I feel like I’m missing out a bit on the character of Inspector O as I don’t have a real sense of him yet. Perhaps I should go back and read the first book instead, The Man with the Baltic Stare.

I don’t really know much else about Church. The characters in the book are Asian characters and don’t seem to be too exoticized – though I haven’t gotten that far into it yet. Perhaps I’ll go read the first book and then see how I feel about the series.


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