A Spy in the House


This month I was tasked to read a spy book in the book club I belong to, Book Club For Masochists. Each month we are given a different genre and we have to go and choose a book or more from said genre. This month is Spy/Espionage.

I actually am quite enjoying the first book in the Agency series by Y.S. Lee. A Spy In The House introduces us to Mary Quinn, whose real name is Mary Lang, a half-Asian girl who begins as a criminal but is rescued by “The Agency” and turned into a spy. I’m still in the beginning of this book, but so far I really like it. Did I mention it’s set in the Victorian era?

True Victorian buffs will likely scoff at this young adult mystery/spy book, citing examples of how inaccurate it might be, i.e. Women would never talk like that to a man back then! It’s true that the lead character is a very strong female, but it could have happened, right? Isn’t that what reading and fiction is all about? Suspending your disbelief?

This book is pretty rad!



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