Escape From Camp 14


This is a terrifying true story of a man named Shin, who was born inside a North Korean labour camp. Living there for about 21 years of his life, he had no concept of the outside world. This is his story, of realizing there was a bigger world outside of Camp 14, and his remarkable escape and journey since.

I had heard about North Korean labour camps before, but never in such detail and from such an inside perspective. The things you will read in this book will disturb and shock you. It’s unbelievable to witness Shin’s story of being tortured as a 13 year old boy. His escape is harrowing and will have you on the edge of your seat, especially knowing that all of this actually happened! It makes me a bit uneasy to take true events and turn them into entertainment, but Shin’s story is an important one to read. Why isn’t the world more aware of this? Why are there STILL labour camps in North Korea today, in 2016?? It’s unimaginable and infuriating.

Read this book, tell someone about it, let’s get the word out more!!



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