Ready Player One


OMG. I could NOT put this book down. I spent the entire weekend just RAVAGING it. So GOOD. At least, I thought so. I knew a handful of people who find it too… nostalgic…. or too unbelievable. But it’s total sci-fi futuristic so what do you expect??

If you’re one of the few people on the planet who have not yet read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, then do yourself a favour right now and pick it up! Especially if you love the 80s, video games, technology, adventure stories, Harry Potter, Apple products, or any combo of those things.  I thought it was brilliant. The story is set in the future, where everyone is plugged into a virtual reality system called OASIS and whose creator has just passed away, leaving his fortune up for grabs for whomever is able to solve the puzzles and games and riddles he’s left behind in a worldwide contest taking place all in his virtual reality world.

In terms of diversity, there is a black lesbian character in it, and several strong female characters, so I figured this would be worthy of a blog post here on This Book is RAD!


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