The Porcupine of Truth


Ack! I know this blog’s aim is to provide Readers’ Advisory for adults, and that there are enough YA and Children’s RA resources out there, but I’ve just been on a  Young Adult kick lately. And perhaps that also says something that all these diverse characters that are popping up are appearing moreso in YA books? Or maybe I just need to go and read some more adult works.

That being said however, many adults out there enjoy reading YA! So The Porcupine of Truth would be a good recommendation for those folks. Bill Konigsberg’s book is the second book I’ve read in the past few weeks that have teens going on a road trip of sorts. One of the road trip participants on this journey happens to be a black lesbian! Yay! And there are a few more diverse folks who show up, but I don’t want to say any more as it may or may not be a spoiler to the story.

The story of which focuses on a young man who takes to the road in an effort to find out the truth about his family, specifically his grandfather. Meanwhile, he leaves behind his divorced parents who are forced to be together again when the husband is slowly dying from alcoholism. The book features issues on homelessness, queer youth, religion, and race. Definitely RAD!


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