The Marvels


Oh Wow. This book is beautiful and brilliant. I mean, yes it looks super thick and intimidating at first. But know that the first 400 pages of it are made up of gorgeously illustrated pencil drawings – not comic book style, but rather full page drawings. With each turn of the page, the story comes to life – all without words!

But then, the artwork gets interrupted with a prose story that takes up about 200 or so more pages. The prose reveals itself to be intertwined with the preceding pages of pictures, and evolves into a whole other story that’s related but equally as wonderful as the pictorial fable. Then when you thought you had enough, the book ends with a handful of yet another grouping of illustrated pages that brings everything full circle and you the reader, to tears.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the plot of the stories, other than it follows the lineage of a family known as The Marvels. Brian Selznick’s work is a wonder to behold. Yes, this is probably considered a YA book, but why should it be restricted to just one portion of the population? This book is most definitely RAD, with its portrayal of gay characters and a half-South Asian boy. But transcending all that is the artwork and the storyline. Get your hands on this book immediately!!


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