Unbound: A Novel in Verse


Here we have our first entry for a Poetry category! And it’s not really even a book of poems. In Ann E. Burg’s Unbound, we have a novel in verse, and it tells the tale of a family of African-American slaves who attempt to escape into the swamp for freedom.

As a book for young adults, it works on a variety of levels. It introduces them to the idea that a book can be told in verse/poetry format. It revolves around an important time in American history, which will hopefully get them thinking about current events in the world. It also  educates the reader about the Great Dismal Swamp, something I had no idea about. Yes I have heard about the Underground Railway, but there was also the Great Dismal Swamp, which you can read more about here.

Unbound is a poetic book, a quick read, and an educational one.


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