Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures


I read this book years ago, but had to feature here on this blog because I remember how it impacted me as a writer. The story behind the book is the stuff urban legends are made of, with author Vincent Lam allegedly bumping into Canada’s national treasure Margaret Atwood on a cruise and offering up his manuscript to her. She championed it and it went on to win Canada’s coveted Giller Prize. And did I mention that Lam was already a successful doctor?


What I remember most from reading this book is that it’s made up of interwoven short stories and I thought, Wow I didn’t know you could frame a book in that manner! This was probably the first book that I had read that did that. It follows the lives of four friends who meet in med school, and goes on from there. These days though, there are so many books who use this format, such asĀ Homegoing to And The Mountains Echoed.

This book features Asian Canadian characters in it, making it RAD worthy!

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