The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells


(Dear readers, this is the new format we are taking, i.e. letters from one blogger to the other):

Hey Appleberry!

So the reason I picked up this book, The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells by Andrew Sean Greer, is because I heard Madonna bought the movie rights to it. As you know, I am a pretty big Madonna fan (though Kylie is my number one, obvs) so I had to see what she was reading.

At first, I thought, okay this is pretty interesting and it’s well written! But by the midway point, I was totally OVER it. Sorry Mr. Greer. I mean, I don’t want to give away the plot, but it has to do with a woman who keeps waking up in a different time period, but as herself and with all her friends and family around her – but era-specific. So, I guess I can see why Madonna would be interested in this, since I’m sure she’s gagging at the thought of all the amazing costumes she would be able to showcase. I mean, have you seen her movie W.E. for instance? I liked it, but yeah it was all about the fashion in that one too.

Anyway, I think fans of The Time Traveller’s Wife or The Night Circus might enjoy this book, because of it’s magic realism element to it. But for me, I wasn’t able to emotionally connect to the characters and I’m not sure why. Is it because of the jumping around time periods and story lines? I just felt like this has been done before, and better.

Why did this make it onto the This Book is RAD blog? There are a few gay characters in it, but only one is slightly a main/central character. The focus is mainly on our narrator, Greta.

Until next time,





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