The Mothers

Hey Alan,

So this is one of the books I got at ALA. I was super excited to get it at the time so obviously, I waited five months to read it. And since I really liked it, I waited another two months before posting about it. This book is written in the first person plural and told from the perspective of the older church ladies. My favorite author (Steven Millhauser, whose books will never appear on this blog if you know what I mean) uses that voice in many of his short stories and I love it.

You’ve got Nadia, whose mother has recently committed suicide; Luke, the pastor’s son and Nadia’s first love; and Aubrey, Nadia’s best friend. Nadia gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion and the story deals with the consequences of that decision over the next 17 years. The book is written beautifully and the characters are flawed but sympathetic. Nadia’s father broke my heart. I can’t wait to read whatever Brit Bennett writes next. This book is RAD!!



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