Hi Alan!

Have I told you how much I love Samantha Irby? She is the “favorite blogger” I referenced in the Shrill post. Her blog is called bitches gotta eat and it’s probably my favorite thing on the internet. Because it’s the best thing on the internet. She reminds me of all of my best friends and I like to think she would like us because we’re also cranky and funny and like to read and watch garbage on television and we don’t like most people but we are total saps for each other. These days, she doesn’t post as frequently as she used to and it’s a bummer but really it’s okay. She’s busy writing books and living her life and she doesn’t owe me anything! She’s already given me so much.

So Meaty is Samantha Irby’s first collection of essays. Her writing is so hilarious, and heartbreakingly honest, and also raunchy but not salacious. She writes a lot about sex and dating, growing up with older parents, and living with Crohn’s disease. I am really really excited for her next book, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life (a reference to bitches gotta read, the virtual book club she started on her blog) which comes out in May. So you have time to catch up.


p.s. She had a cat named Helen Keller. RIP.

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