The Wangs vs. The World


Hi Miss Appleberry,

I was very excited to read this book. Maybe cause it was the cover that drew me to it? Maybe cause all the holds on it really hyped it up for me? Well, I finally got it in my hands this week and I started it, and yeah, at first, I thought, This is gonna be a fun read!

But, about 80 pages in, I realize that reading it has given me a headache. I just can’t. It is starting to remind me of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, which I only managed to get a mere 10 pages in, maybe less. Have you read that one? It’s “over the top” and I just found it annoying. Maybe it’s because I think reading about rich Asians is perpetuating a stereotype?

In The Wangs Vs. The World, we are introduced to another family of rich Asians, the Wangs, who wind up losing their fortune. The writing style resembles one run-on sentence after another, which is probably the cause of my headache. So far, 80 pages in, all that the story has managed to reveal is that they picked up one of the kids from a rich private school that they can no longer afford to have her in. I quickly looked up some reviews on GoodReads and found my opinion reinforced by others who had actually finished the book, saying there was very little plot. I also agreed with their reviews that the characters are basically unlikeable and therefore, why would I want to waste my time reading about them? I’m returning the book to the library first thing in the morning. Next!!

Sincerely yours,

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