Double Cup Love


Hey Appleberry,

This book is dope, yo! And yes I am speaking like that because that’s how Eddie Huang writes in his follow-up to Fresh off The Boat, his autobiography about how hip hop shaped his childhood. Now the owner of Baohaus in New York (OMG I NEED TO GO), he is a renowned chef and decides to head to China to test out his cooking skillz!

The book is excellent. I think you would enjoy it, despite his sometimes bro persona – the way he talks about women is how a hip hop person might, but at the same time totally respectful, if that makes sense. Then there’s all the passages about race, which I think he zeroes in on intelligently and succinctly. There’s a lot of basketball references and metaphors as well, which maybe you would like, but I know you’re more into football. But all his foodie talk was amazing, it made me want to write down every restaurant he mentions and every dish he orders. So I KNOW you would appreciate that! Sprinkle in some real life family drama to darken the narrative and you’ve got a recipe for a RAD book!

Check it, fam!




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