History Is All You Left Me


Hey Appleberry!

I read this YA novel about a teenage boy grieving over the death of his boyfriend. It was not bad. I mean, I feel like I’ve just been reading so many angsty YA books lately they all kind of blend into one another. I’m also having a bit of a librarian-crisis, I know it’s early on in my career, isn’t it? Anyway, is anyone even reading this blog? Why are we bothering?

This book was fine. I mean, I didn’t LOVE it like I loved I’ll Give You the Sun or Aristotle and Dante, but it was fine. I am just finding teen characters so damn annoying these days. Or maybe I just find reading in general annoying these days. Am I losing my love for reading? Am I just turning apathetic?

Would I recommend this book to you? Nah. But it’s got gay characters as the main focus, so that’s what makes it RAD I suppose. Some of it seemed a bit TRITE though, if you ask me. Like, literally all the close friends that the main character has turns out to be gay (sorry spoiler), and they all manage to have relationships or sex with one another?? Wow, Must be NICE.

I guess it’s a good sign that I managed to at least finish the book.




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