Dim Sum Stories


Hey Appleberry,

I just read Larry Wong’s Dim Sum Stories, which is a collection of story nuggets about growing up in Vancouver’s Chinatown during the 40s and 50s. How cool is that? I was definitely interested because of the local history aspect, but also because of the Asians in a Western world context too. He grew up with author Wayson Choy, whose books I love, and I wish he had written a few more stories about that. It was interesting, but the writing was more journal/diary than it was book/storytelling. I guess I wanted a bit more depth or description, I don’t know?

He called it Dim Sum Stories because each passage kind of serves as a little dim sum meal of its own, with its own flavour, its own focus, etc. Given the events and history that surround the stories however, such as WW2, I wanted something a bit more substantial. Otherwise, it was neat to see pictures from yesteryear and to hear a little bit about what it was like growing up back then in a much more active Chinatown scene.



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