Widow Basquiat


Hi Appleberry!

Maybe it’s because I am super interested in the subject, but I really liked this book! Yes, it’s about one of Basquiat’s long-term partners, Suzanne. It’s told by a friend of hers, Jennifer Clement, who writes in sparse beautiful poetic prose to describe Suzanne and then her relationship with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. It also includes passages from Suzanne herself that help flesh out the stories of their relationship.

It should be a quick read, as the book is fairly thin, and the prose is spaced out. Each word must have been meticulously selected to keep the length so concise. However, that made me just want to put the book down after each “chapter” (which was 1-2 pages on average) and just savour the stories and the words. There is a incident involving police brutality and race, of course, which I wanted to point out in case that’s a trigger for anyone.

Otherwise, it was soooooo cool to feel like I was there and what it might have been like to be hanging out with Basquiat!

Talk soon!


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