God In Pink

Dear Appleberry,

I have just finished reading the quick, short novel God in Pink by Hasan Namir.


It’s about a gay guy named Ramy, living in Iraq in 2003 and dealing with being Muslim and the homophobia that runs through his community. It made me really hate religion more than I already do. I don’t know much about the Muslim faith – do all Muslims condemn homosexuality? If so, then why should I care about Islamophobia if their religion endorses Homophobia? I have to educate myself more and hope that not all Muslims are homophobic, I guess. Sorry if I’m sounding ignorant. This book painted a dark and depressing view of what it is like to be gay and living in a Muslim country.

The book also had some supernatural elements to it, which was not my thing. The writing is simplistic though, with much of the story told through dialogue and jumping back and forth between Ramy’s story and the story of the religious leader he goes to for guidance. I think the topic is interesting, important, and timely, which makes this book worth picking up. Given these turbulent times we live in, we probably need more books like this!



One thought on “God In Pink

  1. A,
    I don’t think that Islam is an inherently homophobic (or, for that matter, misogynistic) religion. There are progressive Muslims for sure. Mahershala Ali, who just won an Oscar for Moonlight, is Muslim. That said, I’m with you on religion in general.


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