Listen to the Squawking Chicken


I picked up this book – well, I didn’t pick it up so much as I loaded it down – (that was dumb… I downloaded it) because you hipped me to Elaine Lui and laineygossip, which is a lot of fun. And I really liked this book! The Squawking Chicken in question is Elaine’s mother, who got her nickname because of her loud voice and assertive personality. The book is all about their mother-daughter relationship and the tradition of filial piety in Chinese culture (which I think you know all about). The Squawking Chicken is a real character! Without knowing about her background, family, and early experiences you wouldn’t understand why she does and says the things she does and says. But when you learn more about her early life, which is completely fascinating, you begin to understand and admire her. This is one RAD book about two rad women.

Have you read it already? I’m thinking you have but I’m not sure. If so, I’d love to know what you thought about it.

cluck cluck,


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