When We Rise: My Life in the Movement


Dear Appleberry,

Did you watch the ABC miniseries When We Rise? Meh. It was okay. I mean, I understand it was an important story to tell and the intentions were good. But the execution was not that great. Maybe cause it was such a giant story to tell and it just didn’t fit into 4 two-hour episodes on tv, especially on Disney-owned ABC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, When We Rise was a mini-series about the gay rights movement.

So this book was partially the basis of it, written by gay activist Cleve Jones, one of the core figures back in the day at the beginning of the gay rights movement. And I was excited to read about it, but I felt the book was all over the place, name dropping like mad and I just couldn’t keep up. There were nuggets of the book that I did enjoy, like when he described life living in the Castro of San Francisco in the 70s and the rise of the gay community there. When he goes on tangents about all the different cute boys he meets and the foreign travels he goes on, I lost interest because the places and the people started blending in to one another.

Otherwise, I did feel this was an important book to be included on the Over The Rainbow booklist, so I gave it a recommendation – more for content than for style.

That’s all !!


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