More Happy Than Not


Whoa. Okay this book is fantastic. I became interested in this book when I was trying to find diverse YA titles for our Blind Date with a Book display in February. Aaron is a Bronx teenager, his father has recently committed suicide and he has survived his own suicide attempt. Things are going well with his girlfriend until he meet Thomas, who is unlike any of the friends Aaron has grown up with. When their friendship leads to unrequited love, Aaron considers undergoing a controversial procedure to have his memories altered.

I love the characters in this book, they feel very authentic to me. The dialogue is so natural and the kids are clever and witty without seeming forced in that way that a lot of kids in YA do. It’s tempting to compare it to Aristotle and Dante, because it’s LGBT featuring Latino characters (in this case Puerto Rican), and I think they complement each other but they’re also quite different. It’s not going to make you cry on every page, but some of them probably will. RAD RAD RAD!

Keep smiling,


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