All The Birds In The Sky



I just finished this book in all of 3 days! That’s how much I enjoyed it, I just could not put it down. It’s fantasy meets sci-fi, but TOTALLY accessible as it is set in a modern-day/near-future San Francisco.

I know  I told you already you should just start reading this without any knowledge of what it’s about, because that’s what I did and I found it to be refreshing and surprising. I feel like the fact that I told you it’s fantasy/sci-fi is enough. I mean, I didn’t expect that at all and then suddenly there are all these fantastical elements which made me excited and wanting to read more.

The only people of colour characters in this are side characters, which is whatever. The author herself I believe is from the LGBTQ community, so there’s that! I would say this book is RAD!



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