Dear Appleberry,

Oh wow. This is probably my pick for Book of the Year! Tim Murphy’s Christodora was absolutely brilliant. I mean, judging it by the cover, I was NOT excited to read it at all. But once I started, I couldn’t put it down. And I didn’t want it to end, because it was so good!

The Christodora is an actual building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York, and you know I love me some NYC City! (inside joke, readers)

Anyhow, the story revolves around the residents of Christodora and how their lives all intersect. It jumps from the 1980s through the 90s and into the near future. We meet a new couple who fall in love, a doctor who deals with depression and an AIDS activist coming into his own. The themes take us from the AIDS crisis to drug addiction to the art world and beyond.

This is an epic tale of love, survival, and resiliency. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sink their teeth into a substantial and engaging read!

What’s your pick for Book of the Year?



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