A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston


Finally we hear from Robyn Crawford. If you are a Whitney Houston fan, you’ll know that this is a momentous occasion. Robyn Crawford was Whitney Houston’s best friend and lover, who has kept her silence for many years despite rumours about the two. Even after Whitney’s tragic death, Robyn remained silent about her relationship with Whitney and Whitney’s life.

However, over the years, other people from Whitney’s life have commented and cashed in on her legacy, whether it’s writing books or producing documentaries. With each new cash grab however, there seemed to be a bias in terms of the reporting on Whitney’s life, painting her as the villainous addict.

Crawford felt it was time for her to finally speak up and to remind everyone about Whitney’s legacy and to lift that up. She tells stories from their childhood and their eventual relationship together. She pulls no punches when describing the friends and family that surrounded Whitney and who eventually enabled her addictions, all in the name of money, including Whitney’s own mother, Cissy Houston.  Robyn doesn’t skirt the issue of addiction either and relays her observations of Whitney’s marriage to Bobby Brown.

It seems to be an honest tribute to and portrayal of one of the greatest voices of our time. This memoir is undoubtedly a beautiful and touching love letter from Robyn Crawford to Whitney Houston and all her fans.

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