The Witches Are Coming


Lindy West’s collection of essays, The Witches Are Coming, is an infuriating, maddening, inspiring, informative, and entertaining read. For instance, do you know what the famous Grumpy Cat’s real name is? You’ll be horrified when you find out, or at least you should be.

West takes on Trump, the guys behind South Park, internet trolls, the gamer generation, and Adam Sandler, highlighting the many different ways in which society is quickly swirling its way down the toilet.

But it isn’t all despair and rage, however. West offers hope in the form of stories of her own resistance and fights against today’s evils. This is her callout for people to get up off their seats and make a difference in the world, however big or small it may be. For those of us who are willing to fight for good, we are the witches, and we are coming.

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