Born a Crime


I don’t watch Trevor Noah’s show, so I never really thought to pick up his memoir Born a Crime.  I enjoyed him when he was on Jon Stewart, but after Jon Stewart left the airwaves, none of his successors really appealed to me (John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah). However a friend told me that his memoir was a MUST-READ and she really enjoyed it, so I thought, okay why not?

Wow, am I ever so glad I read this! It details his life growing up in South Africa, and there is just so much I do not know about life in that part of the world. He discusses being  biracial in the world of apartheid, and post-apartheid. His themes of trying to fit in are universal, but his childhood stories of burning down a house, abusive stepfathers, shitting on the kitchen floor, and going to jail, are all his alone.

Funny, poignant, insightful, entertaining, and heartbreaking, this memoir is ultimately a love letter to his mother, who raised him single-handedly, with fierce determination in a world that was truly against the two of them.

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